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Watch the water boil at the Midnight Lump!

The ultimate sport fishing opportunity awaits you at the infamous Midnight Lump. Join Capt. Kerry Pique on an overnight tuna fishing charter like no other. If you’re up for a challenge then the Midnight Lump is the perfect fishing destination for you to put your skills to the test.


The Lump, which is the top of a large salt dome, is located approximately 50 miles southwest off the coast of Venice, Louisiana and is legendary for great bluewater fishing. The combination of shallower waters (depth ranges between 200 and 250 ft.) and the large schools of bait fish that get caught in the current is what makes fishing on the Lump great. It is a major feeding sight for some of the largest yellowfin tuna found in the Gulf of Mexico.


Fishing on the Midnight Lump is at its finest beginning in late December through the month of March. Tuna and wahoo are caught in abundance by live baiting and chumming from an anchored boat while out on the Lump. Marlin can also be caught while Lump fishing. Since the Lump is located in federal waters bag limits are strictly enforced.

What makes Midnight Lump fishing unique?

  • Location of the best tuna fishing in the country
  • Large fish are attracted by bait fish trapped in the current
  • The exciting fishing makes for an unforgettable fishing adventure

When planning a trip to the Midnight Lump, Capt. Pique recommends that you come prepared with rain gear, because the water can be worse than during other offshore fishing trips. No prior sport fishing experience is needed before attending a Lump charter, but since additional safety precautions are required, these trips are generally not suited for children under 10 years of age.

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