Guides Day Out

Went on a scouting mission before a front came rolling through on Friday November 30 2007.

We had perfect conditions with cool crisp air and fairly calm seas. Made live bait where I did the week before. Put about 25 or so in the live well and headed south. Put our first fish in the boat around 8:45 am and by ten we were done. Put another double in the boat that Britton and good friend Bill Butler made short work of.

The next single hit and it was my turn, this fish went about 85 lbs. and then it went dead. Not bad for two hours of fishing, as the weather turned for the worst and a 45 mile head sea ride home we opted to make a run for it. It was fun while it lasted especially to be with my good buddies. This ismy first post on the new and improved site so I will try to keep my customers updated to the latest fishing conditions. So to book your trip call Outer Limit Charters @ 504-915-9991.

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