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Deep Sea Offshore Gulf Of Mexico Yellowfin Tune Fishing Charters in Venice Louisiana for Guide Trips

VooDoo Fishing Charters Deep Sea Offshore Tuna Fishing & Lodging In Venice Louisiana

Venice Louisiana Gulf Of Mexico Offshore Guided Fishing Charters For Yellowfin Tuna!

VooDoo Fishing Charters Deep Sea Tuna Fishing & Lodging In Venice La
327 Sports Marina Rd, B-5, Venice, LA, 70091
(504) 920-3474


With its vast network of offshore oil rigs, extreme depths and a nutrient driven Mississippi River, Venice, Louisiana has been called one the most prolific fisheries in the world. South of New Orleans and the most extreme point of the lower Mississippi River Delta, it is often compared to some of the world’s most famous fishing charter destinations such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica.

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