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Try something new with kite fishing in Venice, LA!


Amplify the excitement of your next offshore fishing trip by adding kite fishing to your mix of fishing strategies. Kite fishing is a technique that can be used to reach fish at distances that are out of your casting range. This technique can also be used to fish in areas that may be unsafe for the boat to navigate through, such as shallow waters. Kite fishing is not only an exciting way to fish, but it also increases the average size of your catch.

Kite fishing is often used when there are actively feeding fish on the surface that are not taking any other baits. When a kite is used, the fish will only see a struggling bait fish in the water; no lines or leaders are visible in the water. Kite fishing may be used to attract and catch large tuna,marlin, wahoo and dolphin fish while fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

When does kite fishing work best?

  • Steady wind is present, never attempt in strong or gusty wind
  • Experienced fishermen are looking for an exciting way to fish offshore
  • Feeding fish are not attracted to other baits


Through his years of experience, Venice, Louisiana Charter Fisherman Capt. Trey Pique has perfected the art form of kite fishing. His strong technique gives him the ability to adapt to a variety of fishing conditions that may be encountered while fishing off Louisiana’s coast. Because kite fishing requires technique and form it is best suited for anglers that are familiar with the basics of fishing. Capt. Pique generally does not attempt kite fishing with children or inexperienced fishermen.

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