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Extreme offshore fishing adventures in the Gulf of Mexico just off the south Louisiana coast

Offshore FishingBook your next offshore charter fishing trip with Voodoo Fishing Charters today. Voodoo Fishing Charters is the premier offshore charter fishing service out of Venice, Louisiana and offers fishing charters for a wide variety of species at various times of the year. Capt. Trey Pique has years of experience in finding and catching some of the most sought after fish commonly caught off the Louisiana coast, and will take you right where you need to be for a day of non-stop action.

Capt. Pique will take you anywhere from just offshore to 100+ miles out, depending on the species of fish you are targeting and current water conditions. Although your offshore charter may be focused on one particluar species, chances are you will come across many other types of fish, especially when you reach blue water. Often times when on a marlin or tuna charter you may encounter species like wahoo, dolphin & many others. This makes for a nice variety fish caught as well as fishing methods.

Offshore Trips Available

  • Tuna Charters
  • Wahoo Charters
  • Marlin Charters
  • Dolphin Charters

If you are looking for a new & exciting style of fishing, you may want to consider a kite fishing trip. Kite fishing allows anglers to get their bait to areas otherwise impossible to reach, like shallower waters where the boat cannot pass. Utilizing a kite to suspend your bait just below the surface of the water attracts different sizes and types of fish and will help make your trip a memorable one.

Specialty Offshore Trips

  • Lump Fishing Charters
  • Kite Fishing Charters
  • Rig Fishing Charters

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