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Our charters in the Gulf will have you yelling “Wahoo!”

Fishing wahoo

You’ll seek out the largest and fastest type of mackerel found in American waters when you fish for wahoo. These fish do not travel in schools, so targeting wahoo can make for a challenging fishing experience. Although they may be a difficult target, the highest catch rate of wahoo is off Louisiana’s Gulf coast. Wahoo are also known as Oahu fish, Pacific kingfish, ocean barracuda and ono (which means delicious in Hawaiian) throughout other parts of the world.

The months of January, February and June have proven to be the best times of year for wahoo fishing off the coast of Louisiana. The average wahoo that we catch weigh in at roughly 30 pounds, but there have been some that range between 80 and 90 pounds. Since wahoo are not fished commercially, there is currently no set bag limit.


What makes wahoo fishing great?

  • They travel alone or in small groups, which makes them a challenging target
  • They’re the fastest species of mackerel found in American waters
  • Their fierce fighting ability guarantees an exciting catch

Wahoo FishingWhen fishing for wahoo, Capt. Trey Pique will travel approximately 15 to 30 miles off the shore of Venice, Louisiana, to find the best spot for fishing, which may often be near oil production platforms and are often found swimming around weed lines. Wahoo can be caught anywhere from 2 to 500 feet under the water’s surface by trolling lures. While trolling in the Gulf of Mexico, you can also do some tuna, dolphin and marlin fishing.

A wahoo fishing charter with Capt. Pique is sure to be a successful trip whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice looking to try something new.

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